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  • Enjoy Modern Convenience with Velux Windows

  • Enjoy Modern Convenience with Velux Windows

    For many modern homeowners, there is a lot to consider when making renovations. Aesthetic appeal and the beauty attached are obviously important. Modern convenience is however also vital. Velux Windows (in Poland we call them Okna VELUX) offer high quality products that can be easily installed and with certain options, ensure the homeowner enjoys long term convenience. All the windows that Velux produces can be electrically operated if the buyer requests for this option. Understandably, some homeowners have no need for a remote control. For instance they may only have a couple of roof windows that they can open and close by hand. Others however may have installed many windows or they are positioned at such a height that it becomes a difficulty to have to open and close them on a daily basis.

    All the electrically operated Velux Windows in a home or building can be comfortably manipulated from a single remote controller or alternatively, each window can have its own controller. The remote controller can be used to open and close the windows to any angle preferred. They can also be used to control the opening, closing and positioning of blinds over the windows. Rain sensors are an addition benefit to these windows. They automatically detect the rainfall from the start and close the window to prevent water getting through. This is very handy when the homeowner is not within the house but the window is open.

    Homeowners also get to enjoy smart functions that are embedded within the remote controllers. They can program the windows to open and close at specific times, and do the same for the blinds. Another beneficial aspect of the electrically enabled Velux Windows is that they can come solar powered. This is a good investment, as it means no extra charges in the electricity bill. It also means the windows can be closed and opened any time, even during a blackout. The rain sensor and any programmed actions will work function irrespective of whether the power supply is on or not. The blinds and shutters can also be hooked up to the solar power so that they do not add to the household electricity bill. Given that the solar cell is on the external side of the window frame, then it will receive enough direct sunlight to charge the battery sufficiently to run all day.

    These electrically operated roof windows are very discreet about their functions. The windows come with a preinstalled hidden motor and once put in only need to be connected to a suitable electrical outlet. The process is fast and easy. For large buildings that have been installed with numerous roof windows, there is no problem. A single remote controller can control up to two hundred windows at any given time. The owner need only register the window under the particular remote controller. This makes manipulation easier and faster for the person responsible. Even for homeowners who initially opted for manual Velux Windows, there is a solution. Velux offers electrical conversion kits that can be installed into pre-existing roof windows to allow remote controlled functioning.

    The Polish word for Velux blinds is Rolety VELUX and if you would like to find the best ones that go with your new windows, make sure you visit this website.