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  • Smart Kitchen Makeover

  • Smart Kitchen Makeover

    Budgeting is a factor earnest in remodeling projects of a house. This can get a little complicated when it comes to remodeling of the most important part of the house- the kitchen. The way a kitchen is constructed creates a long lasting impression for the home as a whole. Besides that is one of the busy activity areas of the house. So, one must be very careful on getting remodeled where quality is a prudent and essential factor acquiring quality inputs at lower budgets is simply a smart move. Kitchen makeovers can take you anywhere from 6-10 days. You could either hire a professional to do it from scratch or you could join in as a team in the family and allocate specific work to each team member and execute the plan successfully. It is not rocket science but making use of some smart tips that I am going to share in this article will go a long way in helping you acquire a designer kitchen style at low cost.

    Step 1:

    For any remodeling project, if you want a complete and fast makeover, it is the colors and hues of that particular living space that you need to change. A drastic change in color gives an immediate makeover to your kitchen. Choose your color wisely such that it compliments certain focal points in your kitchen and also suits you taste.

    Painting the walls and maybe even the floor can bring about eons of charm and a brand new look to the kitchen. You could either install ready-made vinyl colored floors or try and get a neutral color and scrub the wax finish off it and paint it with a color of your choice. Brighten up the room with shades of red, if you love the nature so much splash the kitchen space with a blend of soft blue and green hues or choose yellow as the color that emits positive energy or choose a subtle shade of pink to bring the feminine element to the kitchen space.

    Step 2:

    Use a wallpaper with designs of your choice to cover certain parts of the walls as per your requirements. You can also opt to use a stainless steel contact paper to cover parts of your old kitchen appliances to give it a polished, new and contemporary look.

    Step 3:

    Use of backsplashes is also encouraged that have washable oil paints, decorated plastic sheets or anything that can efficiently cover up the areas prone to constant staining.

    Step 4:

    You can either replace the doors of the cabinets and windows of your kitchen or just reface it with new laminates.

    Step 5:

    Change the knobs on the doors and cabinets with styles that look grand but cost less like brushed nickel knobs and handles.

    Step 6:

    Install a new sink and a new faucet or just have the existing ones polished to give a brand new shine.

    There are many ways in which you can practice your creativity into your kitchen remodeling project and still stay under a considerably low budget. So go ahead and plan the perfect kitchen remodeling project that does not burn a hole in your pocket.