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  • Selecting Proper Cabinetry

  • Selecting Proper Cabinetry

    Arguable the hardest room to design in the house is the kitchen, due to all the items, furnishing and appliances which stuff it (drawers, fridge, microwave… etc… etc…). When designing your kitchen, one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make will come in the form of selecting the right cabinets, and since they’re available in many different formats, sizes, colors and designs it’s no easy task. Here are three important things to remember when installing cabinet hardware in your house.
    When it comes to materials, wood is the most common choice: it offers durability, sturdiness, style, and comes in so many different varieties so that it can blend with practically any kitchen out there, meaning that making the proper selection will require a bit of research. Oak is a very popular choice, seeing as to how it offers resilience and durability, even though it lacks a bit of style since it mostly comes in plain, light colors. Generally, when people feel like adding some class to their kitchen, they go for either cherry hardwood or cedar most of the time. Cedar contains intertwined light and dark brown patterns, which makes it a fashion dynamo, but it comes up short when it comes to durability. When it comes to cherry hardwood though, we’re talking about a rich dark brown color scheme which brings about an atmosphere of class and aristocracy blended with sturdiness and resilience most woods can never hope to achieve.
    Now, it is time to find the perfect design. You should keep in mind the space required by your design, as you simply might not have enough of it for some models, while other alternatives will on the contrary offer you more space. But don’t think that more space is better, as you might end up with an empty and lonely-looking room.
    Last, but not least, you should check out the storage space available in the cabinets. Since the cabinets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each model and each design will have it’s own amount of storage space available. You’ll find that too many large or small spaces will detract from the attractiveness of your cabinet hardware.

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